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Consulting statistician for companies and researchers
Medical data analysis for national health services, Hi-Tech and medical companies.


 יועצת סטטיסטית ואפידמיולוגית לחברות וחוקרים בעיקר בתחום הרפואה
 מנתחת נתונים לשרותי בריאות, חברות הייטק וחברות תרופות ועזרים רפואיים.

Projects are varied and includes:

  • The development of statistical models

  • Data analysis and quality control

  • Experiment planning and sample size

  • Statistical preparation of research's protocols for the FDA.

  • Documentation of research reports.

  • Sample size calculation for clinical trials and observational studies.

  • Analysis of questionnaires.

  • Graphs for statistical presentations.

  • Statistical examination and overview of articles for publication




list of projects:

G.R. Dome Medical Ltd. - sample size calculation for clinical trial on medical equipment. 

Valtech Cardio Ltd. data analysis for innovative trans-catheter heart valve technologies for patients suffering from valvular insufficiency.

Maccabi Health Services – statistical consultant and data analyst since 1990.

Teva Company – analyst of clinical trials.

Teva Company – data monitoring committee (DMC) in randomized clinical trials treatments for ALS and MSA patients.

Gamida company - European orphan drug application. Epidemiology report.

Ministry of Health – Examination of health services. studies design.

Weizman institute – Analysis of non-parametric data

Bezeq international – statistical reports.

Pro-Test (Israel) Ltd. – Research planning, sample size calculation and statistical analysis.

GR Institute – Data analysis and presentation of statistical reports

Philtel Company – Market survey

MCS Company – experiment planning, sample size calculation and data analysis

Mindguard company- analyzing clinical experiments

APOS Company - statistical consulting and analyzing data for clinical studies.

SonicBone Lts.– clinical evaluation for medical device.

Carti-Heal Ltd.- clinical evaluation for medical device performance.

Elcam Medical A.C.A.L Ltd. – clinical evaluation

RAD Biomed Accelerator Ltd.– screening projects in medical device technology.

KYMA Ltd.– experiment procedure, sample size and justification. Data analyze.

Shook Hardly & Bacon Law office– statistical consultant for litigation.

Research professors at Tel_Aviv univ, Bar-Ilan Univ, Ben Gurion Univ, Asaf Haroffe etc.

And many more…..


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